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    The Rules.


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    The Rules.

    Post  Lostboy on Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:42 am

    The Rules.

    You must follow all these rules:

    No spamming or making useless posts or topics. Such as posting interest in a product in multiple different sales thread at the same time.

    No bullying, trolling or flaming other members. If you want to point out something bad, please at least give them advice on how to improve it.

    No sexual content of any kind.

    No copying something else without giving credit. If you've had inspiration from someone or something someone has done, then credit would be appreciated.

    No racism of any kind.

    No swearing in posts. This may be excused if broken lightly in chatbox, but not in posts.

    Do not stray off the post's topic.

    Use correct english, ie correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    Do not multi post (post more than once in a row in a topic) unless it actually adds value. In most cases, editing your original post is better.

    Do not back seat moderate (BSM). BSM simply means to do the job of a mod/admin, such as telling people off for their english errors.

    Listen to what an admin says and do not argue with them. This can be excused if talking about blasters and not contradicting a well known fact (such as a Longshot can reach more than a 100ft range). For example, talking about which blaster is your favourite is Okay.

    Respect all members of the forum. After all, we're all human.

    All members must have an avatar (profile picture), real age (calculated via birthday) and real location. For location, simply display a nearby town/suburb and state. This allows more ease of organising wars.

    Do not post in topics where the last post was several months ago (say around 3) unless you actually contribute a large amount to the topic. (known as 'necroing')

    Mods and admins use a strike system. The first time you break the rules, you will be given a warning. The next time you break the rules, you will get a strike. 3 strikes and you will get a ban.

    Should you misbehave at an excessive level, the admin may issue an on the spot ban or strike.

    Breaking rules such as the sexual content rule may issue an on the spot ban.

    The length of the ban is at the discretion of the admin.

    Spelling, grammar and punctuation

    Seriously, it's not hard to spell correctly. For some words, such as subterranean, incorrect spelling can be excused because they are difficult to spell. However, it doesn't take much time to spell correctly compared to spelling in shorthand. In chatbox, spelling is not so important, and shorthand can be used.
    The following are examples of things you should be aware of as they are very common.


    Making topics

    Before making one, think to yourself 'Has the topic been made?' Use the search function (underneath forum banner). If you want to show off something you've bought, recieved or made, post pictures of it in the 'Post pics of your blasters thread'. Know where a blaster is or know how much it is in an upcoming sale? Post in the Product Awareness Thread.


    Before posting in an old topic, think about how much your post will actually contribute, to yourself or others.

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