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    Melbourne War, Wattle Park, Sunday July 24th Hosted By Alpha_Chick


    Melbourne War, Wattle Park, Sunday July 24th Hosted By Alpha_Chick

    Post  Guest on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:38 pm

    Ok this whole not shooting people thing has put me into withdrawals so... IT'S WAR TIME!!!


    * Date: Sunday, July 24th (confirmed date!)
    * Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm (or whereabouts)


    * Location: Wattle Park in Surrey Hills
    * Street: 1012 Riversdale Rd, turn into Monsbourgh Dr and meet up in the topmost carpark near where the function centre/tram playground is located

    What to Bring:

    * appropriate blasters and equipment (primaries, secondaries, shields etc.)
    * darts (suggested amount is 100+) and other munitions (eg. grenades)
    * money for trading and buying food/drink
    * safety eyewear - PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR OWN!!!
    * appropriate clothing

    Game Modes (including but not limited to):
    - FFL
    - FFP
    - Pistol Wars
    Also if you have any ideas you want to try out put up a post and I will consider them

    From memory there is a couple of cafes in the street outside the park for lunch, if not its only a short drive to the supermarket. Any questions, you know what to do!
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