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    Basic modding tools and materials.


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    Basic modding tools and materials.

    Post  matt.chopper on Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:12 am

    Dremel- A Dremel is a great thing to have when modding nerf. Cutting is easy and always easy and not a problem.
    There are many different brands of dremel some include Dremel, Dewalt and Ozito. Ozito is the cheapest type of dremel and is not bad for occasional use. Dremel and dewalt are top of the line and are bound to last a long time. Can be purchased from Bunnings.

    Pipe cutters - Pipe cutters are another tool that make nerf modding easy. You could just use a hacksaw although pipe cutters make the job easier and quicker. Can be purchased from Bunnings.

    Araldite- Also known as epoxy it is great for bonding areas that have alot of stress put on them. Can be bought in small or large tubes from bunnings.

    Conduilt and couplers - A great barrel material that be purchased from Middy's.

    Foam - For homemade darts purchase foam from Imf0rm3r on OzNerf or alternitavely white 13mm FBR from clark rubber and Mitre10.

    Screw driver set - Recommended and can be sourced easily and chaeply from Bunnings.

    I'll add more later.

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    Re: Basic modding tools and materials.

    Post  Lostboy on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:04 am

    Thanks for posting this matt. Smile

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